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Some that golara attended as an Artist


  • 2022, Art Contact, art fair, Nidra Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

  • 2022, Digital art exhibition, The VE CENTRE Gallery

  • 2022, Art Ankara, art fair, Do art gallery, Ankara, Turkey

  • 2022, NFT Exhibition, Darren Gallery, On cyber, MetaversAe

  • 2022, NFT Exhibition, Bored ape ladies, The VECENTRE Gallery

  • 2022, Do art gallery, Group Exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey

  • 2022, NFT Exhibition, Crypto Xob Gallery, Crypto Voxel, Metaverse

  • 2022, NFT Exhibition, NFT Spaceship Museum, Spacial, Metaverse

  • 2021, NFT Exhibition, Eddie gangland Art gallery, Crypto voxel, Metaverse

  • 2021, Yeni Yuzyil University, group exhibition, Istanbul, Turkey

  • 2018, Paint for Georgia, third symposium of georgia, Mtskheta, Georgia

  • 2018, 4th block, the X international triennial of Eco-poster, Artzavod mechanica cultural space, Kharkov, Ukraine

  • 2018, Blue handicraft exhibition, cultural heritage university, Tehran, Iran

  • 2017, Bio Art competition "survival", medicinal Bio convergence Research Center (from Seoul National University), Seoulin Bio Science and Gwacheon National Science Museum, Gwacheon, South Korea

  • 2016, Persian horse Exhibition, Tooba art gallery, Tehran, Iran

  • 2012, Nature photography exhibition, cultural complex of Royan, Noor, Iran

  • 2011, Typographic poster of Nima Youshij's poetry Digital Exhibition,, Switzerland

  • 2011, Typographic poster of Nima Youshij's poetry Exhibition, Maziar university, Noor, Iran

  • 2010, Typographic poster Exhibition, Toranj gallery, Tehran, Iran

  • 2009, A door to history, group Exhibition, Dr Shariaty university, Tehran, Iran

  • 2009, Peace poster Exhibition, San Ignacio de Loyola University, Peru

  • 2008, Third place award, Social poster Competition, Mother's cultural complex, Tonekabon, Iran


  • 2022, Bluerhino NFT Exhibition, On cyber gallery, Metaverse

  • 2021, Reyhan uludag NFT and Physical Exhibition, Doart gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

  • 2018, celebration of Solstice, Time museum, co-curator, Tehran, Iran

Some Exhibitions as the Curator 

Artist with Paintbrushes
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