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Golara Tavakolian

Master of Art Studies 

Bachelor of fine arts

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Founder of Barbad Magazine

Founder of NFT Art Society Club

NFT Art Society is the first and biggest Iranian NFT Club teaching Iranian Artists about NFTs for Free founded by Golara in March 2021

Barbad magazine is the first Digital music magazine founded by Golara in 2010

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Founder of Golara Art Studio

Golara Art Studio is founded by golara in 2009 as an independent artist accepting commissions all across the world 



Born in Iran in 1991, Golara pursued her passion for art by attending the Faculty of Art at Tehran Center Branch. There, she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and a Master of Art Studies, graduating in 2017. Golara's artistic journey has been diverse, with experience in fields such as museology, graphic design, music journalism, mural art, urban design restoration, and the burgeoning world of crypto art, including NFTs.


In 2016, Golara began exploring painting on her own, quickly gaining recognition and commissions for decorative arts and mural paintings. This personal exploration blossomed into a deep-seated passion, leading her to create over 50 mural paintings. In 2018, seeking greater freedom of expression, especially on themes concerning women, she moved to Istanbul, Turkey. Here, she found inspiration in Italian figurative paintings, blending them with contemporary interpretations, and mythology became a significant theme in her work.


Golara embraced the digital age by selling her art through cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, since 2018. This innovative approach allowed her to sustain herself as a full-time freelance artist abroad. However, the challenges of living in a new country, away from her loved ones and familiar surroundings, took a toll on her mental health, leading to anxiety and depression.


Currently, Golara has taken a step back from painting on canvas and murals, choosing to avoid isolated working conditions. Despite these challenges, her creativity persists. She continues to share her unique vision as a digital painter, often working in public spaces where she finds solace and connection. Her journey is a testament to her resilience and unwavering dedication to her art.

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