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Golara Tavakolian

Master of Art Studies 

Bachelor of fine arts

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Founder of Barbad Magazine

Barbad magazine is the first Digital music magazine founded by Golara in 2010

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Founder of NFT Art Society Club

NFT Art Society is the first and biggest Iranian NFT Club teaching Iranian Artists about NFTs for Free founded by Golara in March 2021

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Founder of Golara Art Studio

Golara Art Studio is founded by golara in 2009 as an independent artist accepting commissions all across the world 



Born in Iran in 1991, Golara Attended the Faculty of Art of Azad University Tehran Center Branch where she studied bachelor of fine arts and Master of Art studies and graduated in 2017. She experienced working in various field such as Museology, Graphic design, music industry, urban design restoration and Crypto art, NFTs.
In 2016 she started experimenting painting by herself and received decorative arts and mural painting commissions and ever since her main focus is painting and has painted over 50 mural paintings. In 2018, she moved to Istanbul, Turkey. Her main influence is 17 century Italian figurative paintings with contemporary interpretation. Neon and bright colors with soft skins is what she is trying to experience. subjects are mostly what that have affected on her, such as History, mythology, DeFi projects and Cats!
Since 2018 she started selling art via Crypto Currencies. In 2021 she threw some of the biggest NFT rooms existed to teach artists for free about a new technology involving with arts named as NFT and has led many artists to become independent. Currently she is working with a software company to expend her knowledge and experience into building a bridge between art and tech.


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