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Press and Publication

to name a few

  •  Present, in the process of publishing a Book named “History of Cover Art”, Elmi publication, Tehran, Iran

  • 2022, an interview on personal Artworks At Art contact Istanbul Art fair with GEM TV CHANNEL

  • 2021, an interview on Nfts as the curator of NFT and physical exhibition in Doart Gallery

  • 2021, who is  Golara tavakolian? a discussion on Spotify with Tanmay Shah

  • 2021,  physical art or digital art? an Interview FF SHOW.TV

  • 2021, All about NFTs and Digital Art, a discussion with Honar Agah Magazine

  • 2021, Live Talk: NFT ART. a discussion on NFTs with Blue Rhino Art gallery

  • 2018, presenting the paper “Movements and Repetition in Victor Vasarely’s Works with that of Beethoven’s Symphony No.5”.  Thirteenth International Conference on the Arts in Society, Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver, Canada :

  • 2017, Published “ - ” painting in sixteenth issue of Ghaab E-Magazine

  • 2017, Interview with “Sanaat-Abkari”, The Electroplating Industry Magazine as an art expert of 19th century antiques

  • 2017, Interview with “Al-Ghadir” TV Channel, as an art expert of Time museum and its artefacts

  • 2016, Published “Today’s Woman” painting in fourteenth issue of Ghaab E-Magazine

  • 2015, Interview with press TV Channel as an art expert of Time museum and its artefacts

  • 2015, Published “Comparative Study of Movements and Repetition in Victor Vasarely’s Works with that of Beethoven’s Symphony No.5” in Researches on Art 4th book

  • 2014, Interview with Jazz Nights of Tehran, as the founder of Barbad Magazine

  • 2017, Analysis of Persian album cover arts after the revolution of 1979

  • 2014, Comparative study of Pink Floyd Cover arts and Carl Gustav Jung’s Dark side

  • 2011, the first digital music Barbad magazine was founded by Golara tavakolian


Golara's Story

Golara has had interviews with international Magazines, TV channels and has participated in Conferences and Events and gave speeches about her Artworks ,Art history and NFTs for the past decade. in 2011 she started her own magazine named "Barbad magazine as the first Persian digital music magazine, bonding music and graphic designer together. she interviewed almost 100 underground Individual and  music bands and designed the magazine based on each music style. althought the magazine was stopped because of being a voice of underground music groups in iran as the musics are a sensetive subject in Iran. In 2016 she started working with Time museum and gave interviews about Antique watches and clocks as the art expert. In 2019 she  did collaborations with Art museum of tehran phase 1 and restoration project of abandoned houses in Giurgiu,Romania.  In 2021 she started her club on Club house named as "NFT ART SOCIETY" as the first and biggest Persian NFT club, teaching Iranian community about NFTs to artists for free. that led thousands of Artists Inter the NFT community.

Barbad Magazine

Barbad Music Magazine is the first Digital music magazine in Iran founded by Golara in 2010 as the first music magazine focusing on bonding music and visual design. It started as a college project and continued as profession. Golara did all the interviews photography and design by herself. it was once download over 50k times on the biggest persian hiphop website iran Iran. Barbad magazine  became the voice of underground music bands at the time.
 to name a few  interviews:
  • Interview with YASTUNES

  • Interview with  AMIR BIDAD

  • Interview with MAHSA VAHDAT

  • Interview with THE WAYS BAND

  • Interview with TOHI

  • Interview with FEREYDOON ASRAEE

  • Interview with AZHIROCK BAND

  • Interview with BABAK RIAHI

  • Interview with KAVEH AFAGH

  • Interview with ARIAN NAEINI

  • Interview with ABJEEZ

      and more....

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